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Are you looking for a very special guest gift for your event?

In addition to stationery, I also offer live drawings of the guests for your event. As a live-drawer you can book me for events of all kinds, such as wedding, birthday, baptism, beauty events, Christmas parties and more.


Event-, live- or quick-drawing artist


Drawings in DIN A6 format on watercolor paper, optionally with lettering matching the event (gold-plated also possible)


I bring furniture (small table and chair) myself, depending on the location,

I need an approx. 2x2 m large, free area, in which I can set this up


Full body drawings with 7-12 persons per hour


Everywhere, where your events take place


I set up a Polaroid camera on my table. Each guest can leave a Polaroid photo of themselves with me, which I will then draw and place on the table with the photo for pickup when finished.

Request an offer


Thank you very much! You will receive a suitable offer shortly by e-mail.

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